Driving For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time 5 Star

As a driver, it isn’t easy to ride for both the cab service companies, but few people do it challengingly to raise some extra money and support themselves or their family, by taking the extra responsibility and working overtime.
As the saying goes, “Make Hay whiles the Sun shines”. It’s often apt to work hard and save for the rainy days;hence it isn’t considered a crime to work for 2 companies simultaneously unless there is no harm from your end to the company. But how does one do this task, without much hassle and any problem? How can you simultaneously use the Lyft company app and Uber app in the same phone and take rides from both? Thinking of doing manually? Yeah, that is an option available, but it’s tedious. Since the driver app of all other apps go OFF when you are working with one app.Well, for those who are working for both Uber and Lyft, read to know how to earn alittleextra? And those readers, who are riders,click here to get an lyft discount code, for your next ride!

So, what should you do? Drop the plan? Nope, there is a way to it. There are few apps to the help, which allows you to manage more apps, in a very convenient way. Below is the list of apps that help you to take up your challenge in amuch easier way. Read onto find.

Upshift app:

This is one of the possible best apps available for Android, to switch between apps. This app not only switches between driver apps but provides a central repository for many driver apps, including Wingz and others. This can be said as a dashboard which keeps a record of miles, dead miles, expenses, expenses for fuel alone etc. this is an app available only for Android OS at this time. The app has 4 levels of pricing options, for starters, free versions, lite versions and Plus version, each having a different rate code.

Mystro Driver app:

This is a new app launched in July of this year! This is much more than only a rideshare platform. This is a driver’s friend, a virtual assistant which enables drivers to blackout the type of rides which they never want to do, using filter options. Few of them are Uberpool and Lyft lines, which you can filter out for UberX and other. You can also rule out a risky passenger in future, who give you alow rating. This is one of the top best apps for drivers, which helps them to save time and make money in the way they wish to. You can use it as a free trial version, when taking less than 10 rides per week, in thecase of higher rides; you need to be subscribed at a charge. When you get ample features, we are sure you wouldn’thesitate to shell a little. You can download the app from the google play store and enjoy awhole lot of good features.

Quick Switch app:

This seems to be a simple app, but very useful one too. it appears to be as a floating icon, showing as either an Uber driver or Left. So, shifting from Uber and Lyft is just a click. The drawback on this is that; the app never shows you offline, once you have accepted the request of another service, you must do it manually.

The manual mode of switching apps:

This is one of the tedious tasks that you will be doing. You wouldn’t be able to ride for Lyft, accepting the request, when you are riding for Uber. So you can’t stay online in Lyft. For staying offline in lyft, you must go to the app, turn yourself Offline and then come back to Uber and start your trip. Doing this for a longer period of time, makes you go on your knees, for you can’t consistently remember the present online app and anoffline one.
And you need a phone that supports such easy app movements. But, once you get eth hang of it, which really takes months or year of hard practice, you can get settled and start your journey. But until then you must stay extremely focused and attentive.