Our Team 5 Star

Staying in the riding business, we could have termed our group as ‘Group’, Gang or something else. But we chose as Team since it reflects more of our values and less of our own thinking. Drivers are often under looked for their profession and their state! A team is one which aims to concentrate together on the hurdles possessed by others and clearing them. Rider’steam is the one which constantly supports drivers in all forms and makes them climb up the ladder and lead a dignified life. We believe in collective efforts to make a business or a work shine. We are here to provide monetary solutions for each person, to start their journey with us. We help them acquire the loan for the vehicle, insurance, and a partner driver too sometimes.

Our team members are highly experienced in the driving profession. They are here to assist the budding drivers to gain maximum potential out. We never take everybody as drivers and spoil our reputation, but test them based on few factors and then enrol. Safety is very important to us, at all times.

We take drivers who have:

Clean record of driving

Clean criminal background check

No history of drug usage

Determined to succeed, no matter of the volume and intensity of obstacles

What our team serves you:

Flexibility in the working schedules:

We offer flexible working hours, based on your convenience, your choice to earn more or less.

Weekly payments: our payment procedures are per week.

Monetary assistance: we provide up to 70% of monetary assistance, to cover your car leases charges, or procurements or insurance charges.

24*7: 24*7 driver support is available with us, in times of any accident or other emergencies.

Back office support: payment support is completely taken care of by our accounting team, to ensure a smooth flow.

Driver training: you can earn more and receive maximum rides by enrolling our courses on the same, which will train you to sharpen your skills. We personalise it too.